The Grand Trunk Railway Buildings - Size and Scale



For a sense of the size and scale of the former Grand Trunk Railways buildings, still standing on the Cooper Site, the Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation has posted three simulations of what the buildings, repaired and restored, may look like. Click here to view the simulations.



The Cooper Site - Re-Imagined



With the future of the Cooper Site coming to Stratford City Council once again in a Motion adopted by the Finance and Labour Relations Sub-committee, Branch member, Thor Dingman, puts out for community discussion a possible site re-development proposal that would retain portions of the building to serve the community (paid city parking...terminal for city buses...).  See Thor's full presentation here (PDF 7.8 MB).




The heritage value of the site would be honoured with enough of the fabric of the building retained, thus showing its industrial scale and its original function as the railway repair shops.




Photo courtesy of the Stratford-Perth Archives. Diagrams courtesy of Thor Dingman.