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Norman Fiebig - Fuel Merchant/Alderman
304 Cobourg Street
Stratford, ON

Norman Kenneth Fiebig was born in 1912 in Stratford. He was the son of Norman Robert Fiebig and Lillie Mae Walker. Both of his parents were born in Haldimand County. His father, Norman Robert moved to Stratford in 1905 where he worked as an accountant in a furniture factory.


Norman and Lillie Mae were married in 1911 in Waterford. According to the newspaper, the couple were married at the residence of the bride’s parents. She was gowned in steel grey silk and carried a bouquet of pale pink carnations.


When the couple returned to Stratford, they moved into their beautiful new home at 239 Water Street. Two years after the birth of his son, Norman Kenneth (Ken), Norman Robert started his fuel company, N.R. Fiebig & Son Fuel Merchants located at 33 Falstaff Street. Obviously, it was named in expectations that Kenneth would someday join him.


Ken and his sister, Helen, grew up in the Water Street home. Their parents were involved in Stratford community life. Norman Fiebig was a member of the Masonic Lodge and the Lions Club and in 1933 was elected as an alderman on City Council.


At the age of twenty-one, Kenneth Fiebig joined his father in the family fuel business. Five years later in October of 1938 he married Dorothy Pratt of Stratford. The young couple moved into the newly built home at 304 Cobourg Street just after their wedding. Here, they also raised their two children.

Kenneth Fiebig followed in his father’s footsteps in serving his community. He was a member of the Lion’s Club and the Senior Kiwanis Club and was elected to Stratford City Council in 1955. He was a chairman of the Planning Board and also a Member of the Industrial Commission.


The Fiebigs were active in the Stratford Country Club where Ken was an avid golfer and at one time club champion. Kenneth worked in the family business for forty years before he retired in the late 1970’s. Originally their house stood on two lots where Dorothy Fiebig who was an avid gardener created gardens that were the envy of the neighbourhood.


Kenneth Fiebig died in June 2002 and was buried in Avondale Cemetery. He was survived by his sister, his two children and four grandchildren as well as his wife. Dorothy Pratt Fiebig died eight years later and was buried beside her husband in Avondale Cemetery.