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Christian Rosenberger - Furniture Finisher/ George McLagan Furniture Co.
231 Queen Street
Stratford, ON

The Rosenberger family emigrated from Germany and established themselves in Pennsylvania where many Mennonites settled around 1729. After the American Revolution, the family joined other Mennonites who moved into Waterloo County. The Rosenbergers settled near Preston about 1809. The family later changed their religion and became Methodists.


Christian Rosenberger was born in Preston, Waterloo County in February 1862. He was the son of Joseph Rosenberger and Hannah Shantz. Christian began working in the furniture industry at a young age. By the time he married Mary Gibson in 1885, at the age of 23, he was employed as a furniture finisher. It was a profession he followed for the rest of his working career. Christian took time away from his work to become a champion figure skater and a keen follower of hockey. He worked in the industry in Preston, Galt and Berlin (Kitchener) before moving to Stratford.

In September 1886, Louis Roy Rosenberger, the only child of Christian and Mary, was born in Preston. When young Louis was 15, the family moved to Stratford. Christian was employed by the McLagan Furniture Company. He worked for this company until 1937 when the company closed down and he retired.
In 1903 Christian purchased survey lot 378 from George McLagan, owner of the furniture company. Here he built the large home known as 231 Queen Street. Christian joined the 110th Battalion during World War I in April of 1916. According to his attestation papers Christian was of fair complexion with grey eyes and dark brown hair. In his enthusiasm to serve his country he took nine years off his actual age of 54.
Christian and Mary’s son, Louis Roy, also joined the war effort. He was working for the GTR as yardmaster in Swift Current, BC at the time. He married Emma McCarthy in Stratford in 1922 and at the time was a clerk for the Grand Trunk Railway and later the CNR. Louis and Emma’s son Emmerson was born in 1924. Sadly almost five years later Emmerson died of a fever. What must have been a sad funeral included his kindergarten teacher and classmates.

In 1930, Christian had the house divided and renovated to also become home to Louis, Emma and their young daughter. Later Emma and Louis would add another daughter to their family. 
Christian died in 1942 at age 80. Mary, Louis, Emma and their children continued to live at 231 Queen Street. When Mary died in 1950 she was buried beside Christian in Stratford’s Avondale Cemetery.