Historical Plaque Properties


William A. Johns - Taxi Driver/Owner
122 St. Vincent Street S.
Stratford, ON

122 St. Vincent Street South was originally owned by Georgina Price as part of the property at 316 Cambria St.  The property was subdivided and the current house was built in the fall of 1923.  It was first occupied by William Aikens Johns, his wife, Ora Craig Johns and their new baby Douglas Craig Johns.


William A. Johns was born in Stratford on July 12th, 1890 to Thomas A. Johns and Mary A. Johns.  

Thomas A. John's was born in Newcastle Ontario. His wife Mary Aikens was born in Scotland.  They were married on May 10, 1887 in Stratford, Ontario.  The marriage lasted over 60 years.  Besides William, they had a daughter Hester Anne born in 1888.


Thomas was a respected member of the Stratford community for 75 years.  He started his work career as a hack man which over time evolved into a taxi cab company which was located at 352 Ontario St.  Thomas named his company TA Johns Taxi and Son.  Thomas was known to tell stories about the early days of driving in Stratford on the rutted, muddy roads.  The day he died, he was outside washing one of his cars.  He pursued this career for over 56 years.  At the time of his death his son William was the owner of the company.

William began driving for his dad as a young lad. William’s entire career was as a cab driver and cab owner.  He lived with his parents until he was 30 when he married Ora Craig Kaiser on August 8, 1922.

Ora Craig Kaiser was born on November 28, 1897 in Pennsylvania, USA.  She and her parents moved in 1897 to Wingham, Ontario and in 1899 her parents gave birth to her sister, Della. In 1911 they moved to Stratford. By the time of her wedding to William, her parents, Ephriam Kaiser (1861 – 1929) and Mary Ann Craig (1872 - 1927), herself and William were living at William’s parent’s house. 

In addition to their son Douglas, William and Ora were parents to two daughters; Ailine (1926-2000) and Muriel who passed in 2011.


Their son, Sergeant Douglas A. Johns passed away on April 7, 1948.  He had been a member of the RCAF and had been overseas for 10 months during 1944.  After returning to Canada, he was in the process of being retrained as a clock maker when he fell victim to Leukemia. He is buried in Avondale Cemetery.

Ora Craig John's passed away in June 1981 she is buried in Avondale cemetery.

William a John's passed away in January 1, 1986.   He was living in a nursing home in Tavistock, Ontario.  He too is buried in Avondale Cemetery.   He was survived by six grandchildren.