Historical Plaque Properties


Richard Hudson - Lineman - GTR
68 Douro Street
Stratford, ON


The house at 68 Douro St. was first built in 1875.

The house was a popular residence for families who were working with the Grand Trunk Railway, locally known as the GTR.


The original owner was Richard Hudson, who was a lineman for the GTR.  


Richard Hudson was born in about 1830 in Ireland. He married Emma (her maiden name is not known) and for part of their life together they lived in Welland, Ontario.


As a GTR employee Richard was sent to various places in Ontario to work.

His stay in Stratford was brief and at the time it is believed that he was living with his wife Emma and at least two of their children, Matthew and Lucy.


Richard Hudson left Stratford around 1877. Emma died in 1896. By 1900, Richard, who was 70, was living in New York State with his son Matthew, Matthew’s wife Marie and son Richard.


When Richard Hudson left Stratford, the house was sold to Robert Greenshields, an engineer for the railway.  

Robert Greenshields never actually lived in Stratford but rented the property to tenants.

By the turn of the century the house had been sold to families who were more permanent members of the Stratford community.