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Charles Farquharson - Furniture Manufacturer
155 Cobourg Street
Stratford, ON


Charles Farquharson was born in Stratford in 1877. On his marriage document, his parents are listed as John Farquharson, a shoemaker, and Catherine Cameron. He was to become one of Stratford's leading citizens.


After leaving school, Charles Farquharson spent his life in the furniture manufacturing business. He began as a bookkeeper with the Porteus-McLagan Company where he rose to the position of secretary-treasurer. Around 1913, he joined Frank Gifford, a furniture finisher from McLagan's and  also a friend and neighbour, to form the Farquharson-Gifford Furniture Manufacturing Company on Douro Street.



Mr. Farquharson was a leading sports figure on local lacrosse and hockey teams. He was a member of the 1901 intermediate championship lacrosse team. In 1904, he was a member of the O.H.A. championship intermediate team and in 1907, the senior championship league.


In later years, he was frequently on the managing committee for Stratford’s teams and was involved in securing a franchise for Stratford in the Canadian Professional Hockey League when it was organized. He served as the president of the O.H.A. from 1913 to 1915.



In 1904, Charles married Edith May Barton, daughter of William Barton and Jemima Wilson of Stratford. A year later Charles built the Edwardian house on Cobourg Street where the young couple raised their family, Charles Harold and Dorothy May.

Charles Farquharson died in April, 1931. He was survived by his wife, Edith, his daughter, Dorothy, and his son, Harold.