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George Hildebrand - Mason
8 Strachan Street
Stratford, ON

George Hildebrand was born in Germany in 1835.  Mary Christine known as Christine Hildebrand was born on December 25, 1837 in Germany.

Sometime prior to their 1871 immigration to Canada, George and Christine were married.  They moved to Stratford Ontario with their eight children, Catherine, John, Elizabeth, William, Mary, George, Minnie, and Richard. 

The 1870’s in Stratford saw the commencement of building of the rail shops which were necessary to support the vast expansion of the Grand Trunk Railway.  At the same time, there was the development of the furniture industry making Stratford an area of growth and opportunity. This made it an ideal location for a hard-working mason with many mouths to feed.

In 1873 the Hildebrand’s moved into their newly built home at 8 Strachan Street.
By 1881, three of the children had moved out of the home to pursue their own lives. William followed his father footsteps by becoming a bricklayer and by 1896 had advanced his career to become a mason. 1888 was a happy year for the Hilldebrands' as Mary at age 25 married August Kischel.

Around 1892, the Hilldebrand’s moved and rented the house.  In that same time period George and Christine had four more sons Charles, Frank Albert, Frederick Emile, and Robert.  In total they had 12 children, 8 sons and 4 daughters.

Besides William many of George's other sons followed him into the trades.  George Junior at 16 was an apprentice.  Charles began his career as a bricklayer and later became a woodworker living in the New Hamburg area.  Richard became a plumber. Frederick Emile who was known as Emile became a cigar maker and Robert a machinist.

With a growing demand in the building industry and children leaving home to pursue their own lives, George and Christine left Stratford to live with their family in the New Hamburg area. They lived there with the three youngest of their children.

Eventually they return to Stratford and by the turn of the century were living in a house at 117 Gore Avenue.

In 1909 George passed away and at the time it was noted that he was a contractor and builder. He is buried in Avondale cemetery.

His wife continued to live there until she passed away in 1921 at 86 years of age.  She is buried with George at Avondale cemetery.


On March 15, 1898 Charles at age 26 married Lydia Bier.  Charles followed his father as a brick layer however he grew into being a wood worker. He died in 1956 at age 80.  He lived in the New Hamburg area.