Historical Plaque Properties


George Falk - Carpenter
199 Hibernia Street
Stratford, ON

George Falk was born in 1879 in North Easthope, Township the son of farmer Werner Falk and his wife Elizabeth Helwig. Soon after, George along with his older brother William and older sister Mary and his parents moved to Carrick Township in nearby Bruce County where his sister Albertina was born in 1881. 2 years after his wife died in 1886, Werner immigrated to the US and by 1900 was farming in Oliver Township, Huron County, Michigan. Both William and George followed their father to the US, William in 1890 and George in 1897.

In 1901 Werner died and George retuned to Perth County where he married Barbara Schmidt the daughter of Jacob and Catherine Schmidt, longtime friends of his parents in North Easthope on 29 June 1904. The newlyweds then moved to Stratford living at 193 Hibernia St.

George had moved on from working as a farm labourer and was now a carpenter. Soon after their son Harold Jacob was born July 8, 1905. By 1914 George had finished the house next door and he, Barbara and Harold moved into 199 Hibernia St.

George and Barbara would continue to live in the house until 1948 when they moved around the corner to the new house at 214 John St. N. Their son Harold would work various jobs in Stratford eventually becoming a bank manager in Little Britain, near Lindsay. George died April 9, 1950 and his wake was held in his home on John St. N. Soon after his death, Barbara moved into the Calcott Rest Home, now People Care Stratford at 198 Mornington St. where she died September 6, 1956.

Both George and Barbara are buried in Avondale cemetery.