Historical Plaque Properties


W. Cecil Wright - Police Constable
6 Arden Park
Stratford, ON

In 1924 and 1925 the Stratford Housing Company owned lots 75 and 76 on Arden Park. By September of 1925 a house had been built as a rental unit by the company on lot 76 or 6 Arden Park. For the first few years the house had tenants who stayed for only a year or so.


From approximately September 1925 until August 1926 the first tenants, William Cecil (Cecil W.) Wright and his wife, lived at 6 Arden Park.


It appears that Cecil was born on January 18, 1896 in London, Ontario to William Tennock Wright, grocer’s clerk, and Henrietta Barnett. William Wright was born in Stranraer, Wigtownshire, Scotland in 1870 and he emigrated to Canada in about 1890. In November 1894 William married Henrietta Barnett (1871) of Logan Township, Perth County, the daughter of Samuel Barnett (born in the U.S.) and Sarah Murphy (born in Ireland).

In both the 1911 and 1921 Census of Canada, Cecil is listed as living with his parents in London. It doesn’t appear that Cecil had any siblings. In 1921 Cecil is listed as being a salesman.


In Windsor, Ontario on March 13, 1923 Cecil married Mildred Genevieve Pickens of West Virginia. Cecil’s occupation at this time was a lead glazer.


In the 1924 Stratford city directory, Cecil was listed as a policeman living at the Avon Apartments, so it appears that Cecil and his wife moved from London soon after their marriage. In the 1925 and 1926 directories, he was still listed as a policeman, but was now living at 113 Erie Street. It would appear that Cecil lived at 113 Erie Street in early 1925, moved to 6 Arden Park by September, and then moved back to 113 Erie Street in August or September 1926. In the 1927, 1928, and 1929 directories, Cecil was listed as a police constable living with his wife Ida at 148 Avon St. (starting in 1927 the directory included the name of the spouse in brackets). There is no record of Cecil having married an “Ida”, so we can only assume that Ida was a nickname for Mildred Genevieve. In 1930 Cecil and his wife were living at 246 Wellington Street, while in the 1931 directory, they were still living on Wellington Street, but Cecil was listed as a city detective, which was his occupation in the remaining city directories. From 1932 to 1936 they lived at 75 Front Street, and in 1937 they are listed as living at 1 Erie Street, Apt. 35.


Unfortunately, there are no further records for Cecil or his wife, including local city directories, death records, and cemetery listings. Also, they don’t appear to have had any children.