Historical Plaque Properties


Moses Schlotzhauer - Contractor & Builder
121 Birmingham Street
Stratford, ON

Moses Schlotzhauer was born on January 9, 1881 in Ellice Twp (Rostock), Ontario.  He was the son of Henry and Mary Ann Knechtel.


His father, Henry was born in Germany in 1838 and immigrated to Canada where he met
Mary Ann, who was born in Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario on June 8, 1843.  They were married on October 29, 1861 and grew their family to 5 sons and 4 daughters.


In the 1885 Census they farmed near Rostock on Con.9, Lot 17. Mary Ann’s family-father Valentine and her mother Barbara farmed near them at Con. 13, Lot 14.  In the 1891 Census Henry’s profession was listed as a saw miller at the same address. 


Henry passed away on October 7, 1908 from dilation of the heart, while Mary Ann passed away February 25, 1912 at the age of 68 from cancer of the stomach.


On August 26, 1903, Moses married Mabel Hattie Brown in Arthur Township, Wellington County, Ontario. Mabel was born June 18, 1881 in Arthur, Ontario of Scottish descent father Joseph Brown and mother Harriett Low(es).  They were blessed with a son, Kenneth Basil on October 16, 1908.  Kenneth was born at the address of 150 Wellington Street, Stratford.


Moses and Mabel had moved into Stratford in 1902, where he became a well known contractor/builder. He was in charge of the erection of many Stratford homes.


The assessment records of 1924 show Moses and his family were tenants of NP Lot 503, which in 1924 the address officially changed to 121 Birmingham Street when the house was built, The City Directory lists them as residents of the property until 1926.  They then moved to 252 Ontario Street.  In 1927, Dr. Harold Brown Kenner, who was the Medical Officer of Health for Stratford moved in.  He resided in the house until 1938. In 1940, after being vacant in the 1939 Directory, Dr. Kenneth Basil Schlotzhauer is listed as the resident.

Dr Kenneth Basil Schlotzhauer graduated from the University of Toronto in 1932.  He started to practice medicine in Stratford in 1935 and continued to do so until he retired in 1965.  He and his wife, Louise Hunt and their son, Kenneth George and daughter Mary Louise are listed as residents of the house until 1962.  Kenneth passed away in Osceola Florida on March 3, 1975 and is buried in Avondale Cemetery in Stratford.


Moses passed away on August 12, 1937, living at 252 Ontario Street, at the age of 55 from pyonephrosis (infection of the kidney).


Mabel outlived both her husband and son, passing away at the end of April 1982, living at 14 George Street.