Historical Plaque Properties


Julie O'Brien - Gentlewoman
9 HIbernia Street
Stratford, ON

This house was built in the summer of 1922 on a vacant lot, listed as 11 Hibernia Street,

In the 1921 assessment records it lists Julia O’Brien, a married women,  as owning

the lot.  She rented the house to Robert Mellish, a traveller, in 1923 and  continued to

rent the home but is not  listed in the City Directory or Assessment Records as ever living

in the house.  In 1926 the house number was changed  to the  9 Hibernia Street.

Julia was born to Hugh and Mary Kennedy in 1863. According to the 1911 Census, she

was married to John Joseph O’Brien, born in 1855 in Downie Twp., and had a son named

Joseph and a daughter named Mary.  They were born in 1894 and 1898 respectively.

Joseph became a Solicitor and moved to Peterborough, Ontario and married Allie Ann


John and Julie are listed as residing at 33 Church Street in 1911 , then  at 27 Church

Street in 1921. 

John and his two brothers, TJ and Michael owned O’Brien Brothers Bakers & Crockers

at 71 Ontario Street.  John is still listed as a grocer in the 1924 City Directory.