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Daniel Edford McLeod - Builder
44 East Gore Street
Stratford, ON

The North American four square house at 44 East Gore Street was built by Daniel Edford McLeod in the fall of 1916. In September 1917 he sold the house to William R. Jones, a brakeman with the Grand Trunk Railway and his widowed mother Jennie. They appeared to have left Stratford in the early 1920’s.


Daniel Edford McLeod was born on June 2, 1868 to Peter and Mary Jane Nancekivill. Peter was born April 15, 1826 in Strathen Melness Tongue, Sutherlandshire, Scotland  and Mary was born in Bideford, Devon, England on February 6,1834.  They immigrated to Canada and settled on Lot 29, Concession 6,  West Zorra Township near Embro, where Daniel was born.   Peter died on February 24, 1903 and Mary died on January 3,1918 and they are both buried in Embro.


Caroline Mary (May) Smith, born in Liverpool, England on July 20, 1869 to father James and mother Francis Amelia Kirby, became Daniel’s wife on June 15, 1891 in West Zorra, Ontario. They had 6 children, William Henry Edford  (June 28,1893),  Nellie May (January 26,1895),  Norman Bruce (May 7, 1896),  Bertha Hazel (January 5, 1899), Elliott Russell (November 18,1901) and a stillborn infant (1902).


Daniel and his family moved around a lot. In 1905 they were living on Perth St. and Daniel was working for The Herald, one of Stratford first newspapers.  In 1909 they were living at 503 Downie St. and Daniel was working as a grocer. By 1916 they were living at 8 East Gore St. and Daniel was now a builder. In 1921 he was retired and living at 130 Birmingham Street.  3 years later they moved to 24 Birmingham St.


Caroline and Daniel moved to Concession 12, Bosanquet Township near Ipperwash Beach to be closer to their daughter Nellie Franks.  Daniel was in poor health several months before his death on July 27, 1949. His funeral was held at Gilpin Funeral Home, Thedford, Ontario with interment in Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Ontario.  Caroline died on February 17, 1951 and is buried next to Daniel.