Historical Plaque Properties


Abel Coulton - Tinsmith
23 Trow Avenue
Stratford, ON

In the 1877 assessment records, the 1/2 acre property at 23 Trow Avenue, Lot 70 in the McCulloch survey, is listed as being owned by Abel Coulton. 


Abel George Uglow Coulton was born on March 16, 1854 in Perth County to his parents Richard and Mary Anne. Abel’s father, Richard, was born on December 25, 1818 in Rattery, Devon, England and his mother, Mary Anne Uglow, was also born in Devon on May 20, 1820. They married on March 10, 1841 in Cornwall, England. Their first child Richard was born on October 22, 1841, followed by two more sons, John, born on June 20, 1844 and William Henry, born on January 11, 1846. Soon after, the family immigrated to Canada where Robert Irish was born in Perth County, October 27, 1847. Another son Thomas Albert was born on July 27, 1850.

In the 1851 Census, the Coultons are listed as living in a one story log house in Ellice Township. Mary, their only daughter was born on April 15, 1852, followed by brothers Abel, Fredrick Treleave, on December 4, 1855, Edward Ephriam, on June 22, 1858 and Francis Lorne Stanley on September 22, 1860.


In the 1861 Agriculture Census, Richard Coulton is listed as living on a 100 acre farm on Lot 23, Concession 7, Ellice Township. Their last son, Hillard Cameron, was born on December 8, 1862.  Richard died on July 27, 1862, having never met his youngest son.  Mary died on September 7, 1863. Both were originally buried in St. James Cemetery in Stratford and then moved to Avondale Cemetery.


In 1874, Abel married Henrietta Jamieson who was born in Stratford on December 10, 1854 to Scottish parents, John Jamieson and Marion Hewitt. Soon after their only child, George Adolphus was born on May 1, 1875. In 1880 the house at 23 Trow was sold to Abel’s brother William and Abel and Henrietta became tenants.

In 1881 Abel was working as a tinsmith making a variety of stamps, seals and stencils for various businesses, located opposite the Jarvis Block on the north side of Ontario Street with his family living further down Ontario (the address is listed as Ontario Street because Trow wasn’t officially named yet) near Front St. including a servant, Katie Bissett.


In 1883 the family moved to Cleveland, Ohio joining Abel’s brothers who had established businesses there. In the 1910 census Abel is listed as an inspector for an insurance company. Upon his death on May 23, 1916 he was working as a bookkeeper. He is buried at Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland along with Henrietta who died in October 1, 1947 at the age of 92.


George Coulton married Emily S. Dering on January 18, 1908.  Emily was born in Louisville, Kentucky on August 8, 1881.  They had three children, Stewart (1904) Henry (1912) and Lydia (1914). In 1917 George registered for the United States draft at the age of 42. He became a banker and was Senior Vice President at The Union Trust Company in 1926.


George died on May 18, 1933 and Emily on November 26, 1958. Both are buried in Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, along with his parents.