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Richard Edward Offord - Carpenter
238 Cobourg Street
Stratford, ON

Richard Edward Offord was born on February 27, 1864 in North Easthope Township, Perth County, (Shakespeare) Ontario, Canada.  His father Richard Offord (1810 - 1886) was born in England. He had emigrated to Perth County where he married Isabelle McFarlane who was born in Scotland. The Offord’s farmed in Perth County.

At 23 on June 16, 1887, Richard married Agnes Skilling in Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada.  Agnes was also 23 years of age.


Agnes was born on February 22, 1864 in Leith, Grey County, Ontario, Canada.  Her parents John Skilling and Marion Cochrane who were farmers had emigrated from Scotland.  Agnes had attended school and could read and write.  There is no record of her working outside of the home.


According to the 1901 census, Richard and Agnes (37) lived in Stratford. Richard‘s brother John and Agnes‘ 72 year old mother Marion as well as their son Leslie lived with them.


Richard and Agnes’s only child Leslie Edward Offord was born on March 22, 1890 in Stratford, Ontario.  He was named Edward after Richard’s father.  Sadly, Leslie died at 15 on December 20, 1905 as a result of typhoid fever.  The Beacon Herald published on  December 21, “Leslie E Offord, age 15 years old , son of Mr. Richard Offord  -  typhoid fever was the cause of death - deceased was an exceptionally bright lad and sympathy from his  large circle of friends will be extended to the family”.


In 1907 Richard and Agnes were living at 238 Cobourg Street. They lived there until at least 1913 according to the 1913 City Directory.


The 1921 census indicated that the Offord’s had moved to 363 Ontario St.   At that time Richard was as a stair builder who worked at the Planning Mill.  He worked on average of 60 hours a week with a yearly income of $1680.


Richard continued living at 363 Ontario St. until the time of his death on May 7, 1945 of cardiovascular disease.  His death certificate noted he lived for 81 years, 2 months and 8 days.  He was a carpenter by trade and part of the woodwork industry.  He was buried in Avondale Cemetery next to his son Leslie.

Sometime after Richard’s death, and prior to 1949, Agnes moved to 198 Mornington Street.  She lived there until her death in April of 1955.  Agnes Offord is also buried in Avondale Cemetery next to her husband, Richard, and son Leslie.