Historical Plaque Properties


Adam Kalbfleisch - Butcher
40 Strachan Street
Stratford, ON

The house at 40 Strachan Street was built in the summer of 1913 by Theobald Rohfritsch Jr., a carpenter, for his daughter Annie and her husband Adam Kalbfleisch.  He built the house on the lot next to his own at 36 Strachan Street. Theobald Jr. was born on December 11, 1859 in Sebringville, Ellice Township to Theobald Rohfritsch Sr. and Annie Schneider. Theobald Jr. married Maria Ann Paula on December 16, 1886 in Seebach Hill, near Sebringville.  They had four children: Annie Florence, Milton Theobald, Edna Louise, and Ella Mary Anne. In the 1921 census, they are all listed as still living at 36 Strachan Street, as well as a lodger, Ernst Kalbfleisch.  They had moved to 76 Argyle Street by 1924.


Annie and Adam were married on October 28, 1908 in Stratford. Adam was born in Tavistock on January 20, 1886 to Adam Kalbfleisch Sr. and Veronica Grein.  Annie was born in Sebringville on September 21, 1887.  Their first daughter, Florence Edna May, was born on December 15, 1909, a son Harry Fredrick Adam on September 28, 1911, followed by another son, Gordon Theobald on December 29, 1912.  Their second daughter, Edith Olive, was born in 1916 on August 27th and died at the age of 5. Their last son, Kenneth Edward, was born in July 1918 and died in August of the same year.


Adam along with Annie’s brother, Milton, opened a butcher shop in 1912-1913 at 17 Market Place in Stratford. It was named Kalbfleisch & Rohfritsch Meat Market.  They ran the butcher shop together for 35 years, until 1947 when Adam retired.  Their employee, Henry C. Yeandle, had closed his own butcher shop, Central Meat Market at 1 Market Place, to come to work for them, and Milton continued to run the business.  In 1948, the business was divided into two butcher shops, Kalbfleisch Meats moved to 31 Ontario Street, while Rohfritsch Meats stayed at 17 Market Place. When Milton died on May 31, 1950, after being seriously ill for two weeks, his two sons Kenneth and Lincoln continued with the business, Rohfritsch Meats.  Ernst Kalbfleisch is listed as the owner of Kalbfleisch Meats (the lodger living with the Rohfritsch family in 1921).  In the 1965 city directory, both businesses were still open. By 1971, there was no listing for Kalbfleisch Meats at 31 Ontario Street and the address was listed as vacant, but Rohfritsch Meats was still listed. By 1975, there was no longer a listing for Rohfritsch Meats at 17 Market Place.


After Adam retired he worked with his son, Gordon, at Kalbfleisch Coal & Oil Company. He died in a car accident on June 22, 1952.  Both Milton and Adam are buried at Avondale Cemetery in Stratford, alongside their wives.