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Frederick Nethercott - Contractor
234 Cobourg Street
Stratford, ON

Fred Nethercott was born on April 20, 1866 in Fullarton, Perth County, Ontario.  His parents were Samuel and Mary Ann Nethercott.  Samuel was born in England on June 18, 1824.  By 28, Samuel was married to Mary Ann Hawkey and was the father of 1.  After they emigrated to Canada, they farmed in Perth County.


Fred married Emily Gettler on January 15, 1890. Emily was born on September 25, 1869 in Fullarton, Perth County, Ontario. Her father was John Gettler (1824 - 1893) who was born in Alsace, France.  He married Ontario born Emily Baldwin (1833 – 1903).  They farmed in Perth County.


Fred and Emily Nethercott started off their married life by farming in Perth County.  By the time, they moved to 234 Cobourg Street in 1909, Fred had used his skills to become a Contractor.  They were involved with the Methodist Church and busying raising 4 children. 


Fred and Emily’s first son, Lorne Delisle Nethercott was born on April 16, 1891.  While the family lived at 234 Colbert St., Lorne was in his teens and early twenties. He became a bookkeeper at the furniture factory where he worked 54 hours a week, 52 weeks a year and earned $300.  In 1919 Lorne married Florence Gertrude Rogers. They moved to 107 Huron St. They had three children all of whom were stillborn.  Lorne died on March 3, 1974 in Vancouver British Columbia.  He is buried in Avondale Cemetery in Stratford Ontario next to his wife Florence and their 3 stillborn children.


Cosey Marguerite Nethercott was born in February 1893. When the family lived on Cobourg Street she was in her late teens.  After she left school, Cosey got a job as a saleswoman at the grocery store.  Cosey worked 6 hours a week, 52 weeks a year where she earned $200.  At 29 on 16 Dec 1922, while working as a stenographer in a lawyer’s office, Cosey married Harold Emerson Magwood who was 31 and a traveller from Calgary, Alberta.  It appears they spent part of their married life in Kincardine, Bruce County, Ontario.  Harold passed away in 1955 at 63.  Cosey remained living in Kincardine where she passed away in 1988 at 94.  They are both buried in the Kincardine Cemetery. 


Arnold Nethercott was born in June 1897. While living at 234 Coburg Street he was a teenager and attended school. He also joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. His death registration noted him as a Canadian Veteran of World War I, Regimental Service Number: 490818.  He died of pneumonia in August of 1934 while living in St. Catharines, Ontario. There is no record of him marrying and he is buried in Avondale Cemetery.

Rhea Eileen Nethercott was born on October 28, 1903.   While the family lived at 234 Cobourg Street she attended elementary school.  On September 1, 1928 she married Leslie Howard Moyer. He was from the Lincoln County area. She passed away on March 24, 1996 while living in Pinellas, Florida, United States.  She was 92.


The 1921 Census showed that Fred and Emily had left Stratford and returned to farming. They moved to Lincoln County in the Niagara area to be fruit growers.  Son Arnold and daughter Cosey moved with them.

By 1940 Fred and Emily had retired to Sebringville, Fred’s occupation was listed as a Gentleman. He died on June 18, 1945 at age 75 of coronary thrombosis.  He was buried in Avondale Cemetery. 

After Fred’s death, Emily remained in the Sebringville area where she passed away on June 16, 1945 of coronary thrombosis.  Emily is buried in Avondale Cemetery with husband Fred and son Arnold.