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Davidson D. Ambler - Retired Farmer
62 Falstaff
Stratford, ON

Davidson (David) Ambler was born on April 21, 1822, in Yorkshire, England.  His father, John, was 51 and his mother, Elizabeth, was 37. He was 8th of 11 children. John Ambler was born in 1771 in England. He married Elizabeth Brogden on April 28, 1806, in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. John in his early years was part of the British military and was recognized as a foot soldier.  David followed in his father’s footsteps and records show he was pensioned off as a foot soldier at the age of 21. John died on February 2, 1834, in his hometown at the age of 63.


David’s mother, Elizabeth Brogden, was born on February 7, 1785, in Elmet, Yorkshire, England, when her father, John, was 29, and her mother, Sarah, was 26.  After John Ambler passed, Elizabeth married John Thompson on July 12, 1836. She died on July 31, 1843, in Otley, Yorkshire, England, at the age of 58.

After David left the military he married Mary Clarkson on February 26, 1843, in Otley, Yorkshire, England. Mary Clarkson was born on December 24, 1823, in Keighley, Yorkshire, England, the only child to Thomas Clarkson. David and Mary went on to have a number of children in 24 years. They were George, Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Samuel, Benjamin, Louisa, Mary, Matthew, David and Susannah.


The first 4 children were born in England.  Between 1848 and 1851, the Amblers immigrated to the Fullarton area in Perth County where he farmed for almost 30 years.  One descendant indicated that he may have worked with D7 horses.  During those years, the Amblers increased their family by many more children.
In April of 1875, Fred S. Jarvis, a bank clerk, purchased a series of lots on Falstaff St. in Stratford.  In April 1876, Davidson Ambler bought lot 20 known as 62 Falstaff St.  By May 1877, a house was built.

David and Mary moved into their new home with the youngest of their children.  Sadly, Davidson (David) Ambler died on July 30, 1879.  He was 57 years old and was buried in Avondale Cemetery.


Mary and her daughter Susie, according to the 1896 Stratford Street guide, remained at 62 Falstaff St.  Mary died on June 24, 1903, having lived a long life of 79 years.  She is also buried at Avondale Cemetery with other members of the family: Mary, Thomas, Benjamin and David. Davidson and Mary Ambler left a legacy through their children. George Ambler was born on August 12, 1843, in England.  He died in 1920 in Regina, Saskatchewan, having lived a long life of 77 years.

Thomas Ambler was born on October 3, 1844, in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He married Jane Elizabeth Nichols on February 10, 1868, in Perth, Ontario. They had five children in 17 years. He died on January 25, 1914, at the age of 69 while living in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

Elizabeth Ambler was born on May 6, 1846, in England.  She was married on September 24, 1903, in Perth, Ontario.

John Ambler was born in April 1848 in England.  He had no known children.

Samuel Ambler was born in 1851 in Fullarton, Ontario.  He has no known children.

Benjamin Ambler was born on March 17, 1854, in Ontario. He died on November 11, 1940, at the age of 86 in Alberta He had 5 children.

Louisa Ambler was born in 1856 in Ontario. She and her husband had one child named Susannah who passed within her first year.  Louisa Currall died on September 29, 1923, in Victoria, British Columbia, at the age of 67.

Mary Ambler was born on April 12, 1858, in Fullarton, Perth County.  She married Arthur James Hayward on April 16, 1879, in Stratford. She died on June 1, 1902, in Barrie, Ontario, at the age of 44.

Susannah Ambler was born in 1860 in Fullarton, Perth County.  She died on December 28, 1923, in Victoria, British Columbia, at the age of 63.

Matthew Ambler was born on March 27, 1862, in Fullarton, Perth County.  He was married on August 14, 1900, in Leeds, Ontario.

David Ambler was born on November 28, 1865, in Fullarton, Perth County and was buried in Avondale Cemetery.