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Patrick Kehoe - McLagan Furniture
411 Ontario Street
Stratford, ON

Patrick Kehoe was born on May 6, 1853.  His parents were Michael and Mary Kehoe (Meany) who resided in Ireland during the Irish potato famine of 1845 to 1852.  Like many Irish families at the time, they emigrated to Canada where farmland was available, and famers were encouraged to come and till the soil.  The Kehoe family of 7 settled and farmed in the Guelph area.  Michael remained on the farm until after his wife passed when he moved in with Patrick who had also taken up farming.


Growing up on the farm and attending the local school gave Patrick an opportunity to meet a lot of other children with similar Irish Catholic backgrounds.  One such person was Ellen Bryne.
Ellen, born in 1854, was the daughter of James and Ann Bryne who were living in the Woodstock area at the time Ellen was born.  Later, the Bryne family moved to same school district as the Kehoe family.  Ellen met Patrick Kehoe while they were both in the same class.

The news article printed at the time of their 50th wedding anniversary stated that Patrick and Ellen were childhood sweethearts, and they enjoyed a life of health and happiness together.

After Patrick and Ellen married on November 21, 1881, in Kinkora, Ontario, they farmed in the North Perth area as they started to grow their own family.


Patrick and Ellen went on to have six children: Michael James Kehoe 1884 – 1958, John Francis Kehoe 1885 – 1972, Joseph Patrick Kehoe 1889 – 1912.Mary H Kehoe, Martin Benedict Kehoe 1893 – 1923 and Anne Loretto Kehoe (Hishon) 1895 – 1980.


In 1910, Patrick and Ellen Kehoe left the farm and moved into Stratford.  They originally lived at 501 Ontario Street.   In 1914, the Kehoe’s built a home at 411 Ontario Street.  On the land title, Patrick was listed as a labourer.  He was working at McLagan Furniture which lasted for fourteen years.  Of note, his income in 1921 was $800 a year.  A few of his younger children moved with them to 411 Ontario Street.  This included Joseph (known as Patrick), Martin and Annie. Sadly, during that time Joseph Patrick Kehoe (1912) and Martin Benedict Kehoe (1923) passed away.


Patrick and Ellen remained in the house for a number of years and then moved to 47 Well Street. They were living there when they held their 50th wedding anniversary.  It was noted in the article written in the local paper “Two of Stratford’s most respected citizens are today celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding.  The happy couple are enjoying good health.  They received many cards of congratulations.”

Both Patrick and Ellen were supported by their daughter Anne Hishon who lived close by in Stratford.  When both Patrick, who passed on December 30, 1938, and Ellen, who passed on February 9, 1943, were in their last days, it was noted that they were residing with their daughter.


Patrick and Ellen Kehoe are both buried in Avondale Cemetery with a number of their relatives.