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H H McCulloch - Assistant Post Master
157 Water Street
Stratford, ON


Henry Hamilton McCulloch was born in 1853 in Stratford. He was the son of W F McCulloch landowner, miller and distiller. William Fredrick McCulloch, his wife, Elizabeth, and five of their children emigrated from Ireland and arrived in Stratford in the 1840s. The McCulloch family were apparently well off as a sizable block of land south of the dam was marked as “deeded to Wm. Fredk. McCulloch, Esq.” on the original plan for Stratford and he began to buy more land shortly after arriving.


Henry was their fifth child to be born in Stratford. Growing up in the McCulloch household must have been a life of privilege for in the 1861 census there are ten family members and five servants enumerated. His father died in September 1870 and in the 1871 census Henry and four siblings which included a married sister, Elizabeth, her husband and young son as well as a servant are living with his widowed mother.



Henry began a career at the post office and by the time he married in 1877 he had risen to Assistant Post Master.  His bride, Charlotte Elizabeth Hitchcock, was born in Leicestershire, England in 1856. She was the daughter of Henry Hitchcock, a Master Miller, and his wife Elizabeth. Charlotte emigrated from England with her mother and three siblings around 1866.


In the 1871 Stratford census, Elizabeth Hitchcock is listed as a boarding house keeper. It is interesting to note that one of the residents of the boarding house was Lawrence O’Loane, Postmaster.


Henry Hamilton McCulloch built the buff brick, Gothic Revival home at 157 Water Street in 1880. In the 1881 census, H H, Charlotte, their six months old daughter, Ada, Charlotte’s mother and fifteen year old brother are living in the house. They owned the house until 1888.


From Stratford, the family moved to Manitoba where they added three more children to their family. Elizabeth Hitchcock was living in Brandon, Manitoba with her widowed daughter and two grandchildren, in 1901. Henry and his family had moved to Calgary where son Alfred was born in 1890. At this time Henry became a silent partner with his brother-in-law, Arthur, in the first bank in Moose Jaw. For eight years it was the only bank in Moose Jaw. It was eventually taken over by The Royal Bank.


Charlotte McCulloch died in 1893 and Henry married Elizabeth Smith a year later. Henry Hamilton McCulloch died in Calgary in 1936.