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Albert Ruthig - Pipemaker
52 Front Street
Stratford, ON

Albert Ruthig was born on March 28, 1874 in Wellesley Township. He was the son of Philip Ruthig and Caroline Doersam.  Philip and Caroline were of German descent but both were born in Wilmot Township during the 1840s. They were married in Philipsburg on October 3, 1871.

At the time of Albert’s birth the couple had relocated to a farm in Wellesley Township where Philip was listed as a Yeoman on his son’s birth certificate. By 1881, the family had moved to Ellice Township and within the decade were farming in Mornington Township.

By his late teens and early twenties, Albert had made the decision to leave the farm and try his hand as a carpenter in the township. It was at this point in his life that Albert met Annie Witt.
Annie was born on April 12, 1879 the daughter of Joseph (Joachim) Witt and Bertha Selhoff. Both her parents had been born in Prussia and emigrated to Canada during the late 1870s and settled on a farm in Ellice Townships. Fortuitously the family relocated to Mornington Township in the 1890s where Annie met Albert. According to Annie’s obituary,  they were married on December 4, 1901.
During the first few years of their marriage, Albert worked as a carpenter, however, when the couple’s first child, Bertha Lorraine, was born on March 28, 1907, he listed his occupation as a builder on her birth certificate.  He also worked as a traveller (commercial salesman) and by 1910 when the couple purchased the new house at 52 Front Street in Stratford, Albert was working as a pipemaker.
Shortly after they settled into Stratford and their Front Street home, Albert established a contracting business. On April 22, 1915 their second daughter and last child, Dorothy Anne, was born at their residence.

By 1906, Albert’s parents moved out west and lived in both Saskatchewan and Winnipeg with Albert’s siblings until Philip died in 1924 in Winnipeg. Following the death of her husband, Caroline returned east to live with Albert and Annie at 52 Front Street until her death in 1929.

During the thirties Albert continued to operate his contracting business while his daughter Lorraine worked at Greenberg’s Ladies Wear on Ontario Street and Dorothy worked as a stenographer. The family sold the house on Front Street about 1938 and moved to Kitchener, where Albert continued with his contracting and flooring business.  They were members of St. Mathew’s Lutheran Church.
Annie died at the age of seventy-two on June 20, 1951 and Albert at the age of eighty-one on Christmas Day 1961. Both Annie and Albert are buried in Woodland Cemetery in Kitchener, Ontario. Their eldest daughter Lorraine married Lloyd Roubell and lived in Kitchener, while their youngest daughter Dorothy never married and died on August 28, 2001 in Kitchener.